In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...



About Scintilha

In 2016, when the second generation arrived on the estate, the mother-and-daughter team of Patricia and Cécile decided to create an ephemeral range. And so, vines and winemakers could unreservedly express their creativity by playing with their environment to highlight their terroir through a whole spectrum of wines. The vinifications, which are, of course, natural, simply reveal their personality, leaving them free from time to time to express fantasies in their juice!  It is from “Scintiilha”, an Occitan term meaning “shine”, that the name Centeilles comes.

The personality of SyRi

In the world today, 70% of the wines are produced with only 30 different grape varieties. A part of the history belonging to all of us has been left at the bottom of a drawer and indeed for some people, the grape varieties of the past are alarming. They say to each other, “but if they were so good, why on earth did we forget them?”

At Centeilles, we wanted to make peace between the international grape varieties and the old varieties; to show that what is wise for a winemaker is not to work with either one or the other, but to know how to marry the two together to obtain a wine that the wide public can understand through what it recognises and which will yet have a unique and defined identity.