In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...

Clos Centeilles

Clos Centeilles

The context

Meeting the criteria of the AOC “Minervois La Livinière” appellation, our “Clos Centeilles” cuvée owes much to the Mourvèdre grape.

As the pioneers in restoring it to its place of honour, we have chosen to prune it in lyre shape (on a double trellis) in a style that we’re propagating in the Languedoc.  The Mourvèdre gains exceptional ripening quality from this.  The Syrah contributes the harmony of its well-ripened tannins; as for the Grenache Noir, which is picked as ripe (“roti”) as possible, its warmth binds the whole together in a softness which only it can bring.  And so, there we really have a genuine vin de garde – a wine to keep.

Its personality

1- A deep and intensely sustained colour, with a hint of a wine that’s still very ‘young’, with purplish lights.

2- An aroma that’s faintly austere during its early time in the bottle, but which develops on the palate:  its ripe grape tannin, completely melted in the alcohol, gives the wine a sophisticated body, full of finesse, with an astonishingly velvety finish enveloping a beautiful composition. Fruit, spices or dried flowers then emerge.

Of all our wines, the Clos Centeilles is the one which seems to us to have, in the bottle, the steadiest ascent in quality and the most promise for the future.

Gourmet matches

The power and delicacy of this cuvée are best discovered with game and roast meats. To be drunk within the next 30 years at 17°.