In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...

Campagne de Centeilles

Campagne de Centeilles

The context

The Campagne de Centeilles wine draws the essence of its substance from the conditions in which a grape variety as difficult as the Cinsault develops. It is prey to all the diseases, starting with grey mould, so much so that everyone finally resigned themselves to using it to make rosé wines or light reds. Centeilles is persevering, and producing quality reds capable of being aged, the production of which continues year after year.

Its personality

1 –  A ruby red without shadows, of medium intensity.

2 –  An appetising aroma of young wine, disconcerting because it is neither amylic nor tart. Fruit, some spices, a smooth ensemble in which everything melts: the tannin, the alcohol, the aromas, etc.

This is a wine that draws its velvety taste quite simply from the most elementary of processes, as follows : a vine grown in good light, whose grapes “ripen” without any problem, and give us a simple and delicious wine. We also know now, with the hindsight of 30 years of winemaking, that above and beyond the first impression of a wine that is easy to drink, Campagne de Centeilles is also a great wine for ageing.

Gourmet matches

It lets its fineness show through with meats, poultry and small game.  Serve within 30 years at 16°.