In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...

C de Centeilles blanc

C de Centeilles Blanc

The context

As with its young elder brother, the C de Centeilles Rouge, it took a long time to carve out a parcel on Centeilles, let the land rest, do a crop rotation to re-balance the soil,  seek, find and multiply the old grape varieties (Araignan Blanc, Riveyrenc Blanc and Gris) and then, of course, to plant and train the vine in a “lyre shape”.

Our desire was to succeed in making a complex wine with great freshness in the Mediterranean region.

And so, during the spring before we first harvested our white grapes, we went off to meet some winemaker friends at Châteauneuf-du-Pape to benefit from their experience.

Walking through their wines, listening to and understanding their choice of grape varieties, learning the signs that determine the date of the harvests … Besides, didn’t they say to us, with one voice, that white wine vinification was much easier than that of red?

Gourmet matches

Fillets of red mullet on buttered salted cauliflower.
Aged goat’s cheese from the Minervois.
An onion purée tart, with a crisp nut topping.
An asparagus risotto.
Poultry in mushroom sauce (cèpes, girolles).