In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...

Mosaïque de Centeilles

Mosaïque de Centeilles

The context

At the time when the Languedoc vineyard was being reconstituted after phylloxera, some native grape varieties were abandoned for cultural and economic reasons. Not very productive, with low alcohol potential, fairly sensitive to disease and hard to graft, they were no longer particularly popular.  For more than 30 years at Centeilles, we’ve thought that those ‘defects’ could also be qualities.  The southern sun, allied to those low degrees of alcohol, produces a breath of freshness and reveals a vitality very far from the massive and overheated textures.

The conservatory parcel of the Mosaïque is made up of 9 grape varieties, ‘gris’, white and pink.  Each of them occupied an important place in the past, somewhere between the 17th century and the 1990’s. With each vintage we take the time to study a grape variety from this conservatory at close quarters. Who knows, maybe among them are hiding the great grape varieties of tomorrow !

It’s hard for history to reverse itself, but we must congratulate ourselves that through their belief and their passion, some people take the risk of standing out to maintain wine diversity and to reveal the unique identity of a forgotten Languedoc.

Its personality

Each of these nine rare grape varieties wishes to have the first place of being the one that arouses the greatest emotion!  The grey, pink and white grapes together create a real aromatic rainbow composed of citrus fruits, dried herbs, yellow fruits, and white flowers, all united by a refreshing minerality.

Its liveliness and its character will take you on a captivating journey, full of surprises.

Gourmet matches

To be tasted at 10-11°C.

It’s an elegant companion for a scallop carpaccio or a fricassee of langoustine tails.