In the Languedoc, in the heart of the Cru La Livinière...



Clos Centeilles is a family winegrowing enterprise devoted to viticulture, created by the willpower of its founder, Patricia Boyer-Domergue, and of her daughter, Cécile.

Clos Centeilles is found in the heart of the Minervois La Livinière appellation, the first of the Languedoc crus, recognised since 1999.  An authentic walled vineyard of 12 hectares surrounding our family winegrowing holding, 23 grape varieties planted, 13 cuvées, artisanal production and manual work!  Grape varieties native to the region but unjustly forgotten, passionately cherished by Patricia Boyer-Domergue and her daughter, Cécile. The winegrowing estate of Clos Centeilles is, by itself alone, a conservatory for heritage (historical, genetic and gustatory) and a creator of the flavours of tomorrow !



Cécile and Patricia welcome you to the heart of their winegrowing estate to share their magnificent setting.

Discovery Box

1Carignanissime 2020
1 SyRi 2018
1 Mosaic 2019
1 Campaign 2013
1 C in red 2017
1 Clos – Cru La Livinière 2016


Travel box

1 C in white 2018, 1 C in white 2014 1 Mosaic 2019,
1 Part des Anges 2021, 1 SyRi 2018, 1 Carignanissime 2020,
1 Campaign 2019, 1 C in red 2017, 1 Clos – Cru La Livinière 2016,
1 Clos – Cru La Livinière 2003, 1 Capitelle 2011,
1 Scintilha – The Sparkling 2017